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Picture of ZNC Serial EDM Machine for Model No T90 / T120

Mechanical Features of This Series:

  • Machine head servo utilizes a special bearing design for stability, zero interval and load rate twice as high as conventional units.
  • Dielectric fluid nozzles built in machine head that efficiently removes debris, saves time and is convenient.
  • Friction-resistant PC thin-layer contact-sensitive board for attractive appearance, dust-resistance and longer service life.
  • Precision interior servo housing design, using PCB design for extended service life, safe operation and easy maintenance.
  • You can choose X, Y axis to be moved by electrical power or manual wheel and it is more rapid and convenient with edge finding.
  • It can be settled with "Balance equipment" for extending maximum electrode weight, protecting the machine head and creating better sensitivity machine head servo.
  • Machine body and generator is one unit so installation is simple.

Basic Functions:

  • Innovatively equipped with three types of safety devices, has an infrared fire monitor, oil temperature monitor, automatic fire extinguisher and many other safety design features to provide absolute distancing from flames.
  • Has special capabilities for hole depth, blind hole, lateral surface and large area electrode finishing.
  • Has an automatic sparking off time adjustment to prevent carbon accumulation and electrode wear.
  • High sensitivity PWM servo drive and sparking gap control to obtain smooth and fine surface finish.
  • Utilizes a special MOSFET electrical discharge circuit design for rapid speed finishing and reduced electrode wear to enable mold surface polishing. And prevent surface hardening.

Special T90 / T120 Servo Functions:

  • Three-axis locations utilizes optical measurement feedback for high precision positioning. The optical measurement resolution can be adjusted in gradations of 1m or 5m.
  • Has unlimited sparking conditions and processing settings.
  • Has a sparking period servo that supports the active utilization of finishing depth.
  • Utilizes the most advanced 32-bit industrial-use high speed computer control offering powerful functions and easy operation.
  • Has metric and inch measurement unit as well as Chinese-and English-language switching functions.
  • Optical measurement direction can be set or modified by internal code.
  • Supports single-depth or multi-depth automatic fine finishing without requiring program re-write or utilizing programmable multiple depth auto fine finishing.
  • Optional mirror surface finishing system can be installed to achieve ultra-fine surface finishing of more than Ra 0.2m.

Standard Accessories:Additional Equipment:
Precision Electrode Clamps
Piezoelectric Light
Work Fastening Tool Kit
Magnetic Induction Oil Nozzle Base
Operations Manual
"Erowa" Chuck-Swiss
3R System Chuck-Swedish
Di-Electric Cooler
Electric Oil
Permanent Magnetic Chuck
M.F.D (Fine Mirror Finish)

X-Travel and Setting Accuracy500 mm x 0.01 mm / 300 mm600 mm x 0.01 mm / 300 mm
Y-Travel and Setting Accuracy400 mm x 0.01 mm / 300 mm500 mm x 0.01 mm / 300 mm
Z-Travel and Setting Accuracy300 mm x ± 0.005 mm300 mm x ± 0.005 mm
Backslide Travel and Setting Accuracy290 mm x 0.01 mm290 mm x 0.01 mm
Work Tank Dimension1320 x 760 x 450 mm1700 x 1000 x 550 mm
Table Dimension820 x 500 mm1100 x 620 mm
Maximum Table-Quill Distance710 mm850 mm
Maximum Electrode Weight220 kgs260 kgs
Maximum Table Loading 1600 kgs2600 kgs
Nominal Current60A / 5A, 90 / 5A,
120A / 5A
60A / 5A, 90 / 5A,
120A / 5A
Input Voltage220 / 380 / 415 / 440 V220 / 380 / 415 / 440 V
Connected Rating7 KVA / 10 KVA / 13 KVA7 KVA / 10 KVA / 13 KVA
Maximum Stock Removal Rate400 / 600 / 800 mm3 / min400 / 600 / 800 mm3 / min
Best Surface Roughness Ra 0.2m Ra 0.2m
Best Electrode Wearing Rate<0.1 %<0.1 %
Dielectric Tank Capacity600 liter1000 liter
Filters5 pcs5 pcs
Machine Weight2390 + 210 kgs3310 + 290 kgs